Friday, May 21, 2010

Queen_Lucky aka Miss Twitter Kenya

Dolls and G.I Joes!!!

So darlings, it has been a MINUTE! Sorry for the absence/silence if you listened to me as I had told all you brilliant and fabulous people... you would have been with me on twitter! @queen_lucky is the name remember! My life has been hectic... last time I blogged I was going on and on about 'McDreamy likes himself some Chocolate" lol. Ohhh and on that yes, Mcdreamy confessed he WANTED me. Yes, he wanted me.... then he turned from McDreamy to Reality.. who doesn't? lol. So anyway... so you must be looking at the title of this post and be wondering... Huh?? So am I!!! Just Kidding... SO Rafiki Kenya (@rafikiKenya on twitter) came up with this GREAT idea to start a *MISS TWITTER KENYA* contest... So I looked at it... and we were discussing it... and I automatically nominated myself. Meaning I MUST win! I don't lose. For crying out loud why do you think I am called QUEEN_LUCKY ... lol. So babes.... here are the reasons I should WIN! And rather my plea for your votes. I am being very humble asking for them....

1. I am fabulous... FINISHED!
2. A winner shouldn't only be crowned on looks (which I have ;)) but also character... If we are naming a Queen on twitter she should have prowess in the twitter game. Thus I have 1740 followers. NUMBER 1 WOMAN IN EAST AFRICA BTW
3. I am a nice person... and this would mean a lot to me. Some sorta appreciation for all that I do.
4. I don't wanna lose :(
5. I love you guys!
6. VOTE for me please!!!!


MY USERNAME IS @Queen_Lucky YES I am that fabulous being at the TOP of the Poll!

Stay-a-float on twitter with the hash tag: #MissTwitKE


The title will soon be OURS!!!!!

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