Friday, May 21, 2010

Queen_Lucky aka Miss Twitter Kenya

Dolls and G.I Joes!!!

So darlings, it has been a MINUTE! Sorry for the absence/silence if you listened to me as I had told all you brilliant and fabulous people... you would have been with me on twitter! @queen_lucky is the name remember! My life has been hectic... last time I blogged I was going on and on about 'McDreamy likes himself some Chocolate" lol. Ohhh and on that yes, Mcdreamy confessed he WANTED me. Yes, he wanted me.... then he turned from McDreamy to Reality.. who doesn't? lol. So anyway... so you must be looking at the title of this post and be wondering... Huh?? So am I!!! Just Kidding... SO Rafiki Kenya (@rafikiKenya on twitter) came up with this GREAT idea to start a *MISS TWITTER KENYA* contest... So I looked at it... and we were discussing it... and I automatically nominated myself. Meaning I MUST win! I don't lose. For crying out loud why do you think I am called QUEEN_LUCKY ... lol. So babes.... here are the reasons I should WIN! And rather my plea for your votes. I am being very humble asking for them....

1. I am fabulous... FINISHED!
2. A winner shouldn't only be crowned on looks (which I have ;)) but also character... If we are naming a Queen on twitter she should have prowess in the twitter game. Thus I have 1740 followers. NUMBER 1 WOMAN IN EAST AFRICA BTW
3. I am a nice person... and this would mean a lot to me. Some sorta appreciation for all that I do.
4. I don't wanna lose :(
5. I love you guys!
6. VOTE for me please!!!!


MY USERNAME IS @Queen_Lucky YES I am that fabulous being at the TOP of the Poll!

Stay-a-float on twitter with the hash tag: #MissTwitKE


The title will soon be OURS!!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sharon ( my bestfriend)

As you turn a stumbling.... ** years today. I just want to tell you how much i love you and cherish you in my life. You mean the world to me and having you in my life has been nothing but a blessing. Yes, we have had our ups and downs.. there have been times when we were banned from eachother.. But look where we've made it! I believe its 6 years now and lets keep going strong! You mean the world to me and I love you dearly...


I Know You Want Me

This is rather sad... my first blog is titled, "I know you want me?" So you must be thinking... Okay this girl is shallow wtf??? Get off this blog NOW!! Well, don't. I know that song has been overplayed.. but hear me out.

So...have you ever known someone but then not known them too well. But, yes you know them, and yadi yadi ya.. your facebook friends, you have friends in common. But when you see each other you do not acknowledge each others presence with the MOST used word in the English Dictionary... "Hello" well... so that's my disturbing mind-boggling situation. But then... I am across the bar and he is staring right at me. And i am staring right back at him... Like what do you say to that? Don't you hate LOVE GAMES?!! Because I do, but i can't get the courage to approach him and be like.. "Hey" I get up to dance, i find him staring at me. And you know.. now your gonna be like "OH" that shit is in my head!!! But my girls even ask me, "Queen why is that guy staring at you?" Ya.. explain that now!

So his name is... lets just say, "Dreamy-wants-Creamy" which we can abbreviate to "DWC" come on stick with me! He is the kinda man you want to talk to... you want to be seen with.. rather you wanna date. A month ago, some girl told me he was a slut... only to find out she's the slut! psshhh... don't you hate jealous, lying, conniving bitches too?! But I don't call him "creamy" for no reason... this is a black man who loves his women Creamy... so by creamy I mean. NO, chocolate is not on the menu unless its part of the common male terminology AFA which i will explain in my next blog. But he loves anything from hazelnut to lighter... I can't compete.. but I feel like with me, he see's a whole different kinda chocolate! A whole new refined flavour... BUT the fact of the matter is if your gonna keep lookin' at me then atleast SAY HELLO! Damn... I so know YOU WANT ME!

~trust me, this ain't over! We will be discussing him over and OVER again.

PS- Did I mention I once had a crush on him?